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Hi, my name is Nic Ivy, and I write a blog for people who have a passion to use websites for Jesus. Sometimes the technical bits and pieces of a ministry website can be intense. My goal is to equip you with clear and insightful tips so you can focus on your passion–reaching people with truth and love.

What does that look like? Perhaps you want to promote a book to encourage others to open their hearts to Jesus. Perhaps you want to teach people how to serve others. Or it’s a blog about parenting with Christian values. There are lots of ways to use the Internet to do ministry in the name of Jesus.

Are you operating a website for Jesus? Having some challenges? Please take a moment to fill out my 6-question survey so I can better serve you. I could really use your input as I research the needs of people such as yourself.

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Let me tell you a little bit more about myself. First off, I am a husband and father of four. My wife and I are finding fulfillment as foster parents and are currently working through the adoption process. We participate in a medium-sized family friendly church in south-east Washington. At this church I manage the website and email systems, and I do the same for another church in Minnesota. Also I’m running my blog, which can be found on the site bagrarpro.home.blog. God has truly blessed my wife and me with a sense of purpose and belonging, and I praise him for that. He has other plans for us, and I’m excited to see them develop.

Please visit often! You can expect a new blog entry from me on Mondays. The topics will be case studies, tips, and tools to help you operate websites for Jesus.

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